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Healthy eyes

You don’t believe your eyes? With a few simple tips, you can quickly achieve a clear view.
In the middle of summer fun, such as sunbathing, splashing or after a refreshing bicycle ride, your eyes suddenly ache: they tear, itch, burn or even turn red.
Due to strong sunlight, chlorine water, fresh wind or the draught of fans or air conditioners, your eyes become tired, irritated or in the worst case they become inflamed. 

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No cooking today

Do you also know that feeling of not having any desire to cook on a hot day? No problem, get the delicious summer vegetables from the garden, the berries are already sweet and we'll inspire you with some dessert ideas.
As a cool lunchtime snack, we can recommend a salad from raw kohlrabi and carrots.

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Eat colourful! Against stress and free radicals.

What exactly is oxidative stress? If the metabolism is loaded with a high concentration of oxygen radicals and the protective mechanisms are not given, the harmful effect of the radicals predominates. This results in oxidative stress.

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Environment and sustainability

Our mission is to strengthen people’s health through the power of plants – with our organic products.
It is therefore obvious to think about and implement environmental management in all our processes and processes.


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Gravitation – Or beautiful when lying down?

If our skin has recovered after puberty, aging begins.
Well, the whole thing’s a little pointed, too.
More precisely, the aging process of the skin begins in the mid-thirties.
How quickly and massively it becomes visible also depends on our lifestyle....

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