Healthy eyes

If you heed a few tips, you can quickly regain a 'clear view':

- During longer screen work in the office, please allow yourself short breaks from time to time, during which you let your gaze wander out of the window into the distance. So your eyes can rest and relax a bit.
- Be conscious of blinking more often, because concentrated work/reading makes us forget to blink often enough. However, this is important for good moisturizing of the eyes.
- Always protect your eyes with quality sunglasses during leisure activities and sports.
- Make sure you drink enough liquid (2-3 liters of water or unsweetened tea) so that your eyes are well moistened.
- Treat yourself to an exercise or yoga unit for your eyes, which activates the eye muscles, moistens the eyes, relaxes the head and neck and even has a stress-reducing effect.


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