No cooking today

The salad you can refine with a few drops of Soybean Oil Premium Organic, for example, which contains unsaturated fatty acids. Sprinkle a few seeds, nuts and fresh herbs on top and the vitamin booster for the lunch break is ready.

A savory curd spread with colorful peppers, a hint of onion, paprika and fresh parsley is deliciously refreshing and quick to prepare. Add a few drops of Flaxseed Oil premium organic and you are well supplied with omega-3 fatty acids.

Attention sweet toothers: How about a fresh, healthy (fruit) salad, brimming with delicious taste, vitamins and antioxidants? A dash of Hazelnut Oil organic not only spices up your (fruit) plate in terms of taste, but also provides you with unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E.

Pumpkinseed Oil organic not only tastes great in fried chicken salad, sparingly dosed, it also goes wonderfully in nut sundaes or with creamy vanilla ice cream.
Stay healthy and enjoy the hot summer days!

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