Environment and sustainability

Our mission is to strengthen people’s health through the power of plants – with our organic products. The treasures of nature are therefore our most important resource for our entrepreneurial mission. It is therefore obvious to think about and implement environmental management in all our processes and processes. With the DIN EN ISO 14 001: 2015 certification, we have an effective tool to measure and reduce environmental impacts and thus actively contribute to environmental protection. We collect packaging material from the surrounding pharmacies and use it again. Only sustainable flo-pak® BIO terra packaging chips are purchased, which are 100% biodegradable and residue-free. The postal shipment of our goods is CO2-neutral. When selecting our partners and suppliers, we are concerned about ecological principles. To ensure that our beautiful containers are in use for as long as possible, we are happy to provide tips on upcycling our bottles and packaging materials in our blog. In our day-to-day office life, we pay attention to strict waste separation, use energy-saving devices and send documents predominantly digitally. We also conduct regular eco-audits in which steps and projects relating to environmental protection and sustainability are implemented on an ongoing basis.
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