Gravitation – Or beautiful when lying down?

If our skin has recovered after puberty, aging begins.
Well, the whole thing’s a little pointed, too.

More precisely, the aging process of the skin begins in the mid-thirties.

How quickly and massively it becomes visible also depends on our lifestyle....
External influences such as UV radiation, stress, smoke etc. are also crucial.
The unloved free radicals then activate enzymes that break down the body’s own collagen, make the connective tissue brittle and hinder the formation of „fresh“ material.

Collagen is the most important structural protein of the skin and crucial for your moisture and elasticity.
It can also be called the basic substance of the dermis (basement).
Collagen binds a web with the fibroblasts in the so-called dermis.
When this net starts to borrow, the skin lacks structure, firmness and the ability to store moisture, and everything sinks a floor lower.
The first „furrows“ – the so-called unpopular folds – arise and gravity increases.

Exaggerated, you could say that we turn off the gravity, lie down, smile and remain lying beauties.

But in order not to spend the rest of our lives as a beauty, we can supply our body or our skin with nutrients from within.
For example with coconut water (provides moisture to the skin), with silica (stability and elasticity for the connective tissue), collagen peptides (stimulation of the collagen metabolism to compensate for the breakdown of collagen in the dermis) orcopper (protects the cells from oxidative stress).
Alternatively, we could also make friends with our wrinkles and the aging process.

But as Coco Chanel said:

"Nature gives you the face you have when you are twenty; it is up to you to determine the face you have when you are fifty.“

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