Wheat Germ Oil Organic 250ml

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product description

Master plant: Triticum aestivum L.
Poaceae ("Süßgräser" familiy)
Oleum triticum vulgare
INCI: triticum vulgare


Wheat is one of the oldest crops of humanity. The original home is suspected in northern Persia. Today, the different types of wheat after maize and rice are the most commonly grown crops and are cultivated worldwide, especially in temperate climates. Wheat is up to 120 cm high spiked grass. The fruits are golden yellow to brownish grains, which contains the seeds. The oil is obtained by hydraulic pressing of the seedlings.

Characteristics and substances:

The wheat germ oil is natural, CO2 extracted and comes from certified organic cultivation. It is nutritionally extremely valuable and has a golden yellow to orange-reddish color and strong taste. Contains high levels of linoleic acid and the rare alpha-linolenic acid.


The oil is ideal for the cold kitchen. It gives the dishes a spicy touch. Is often used for raw food dishes, salad dressings and dips.