Seabuckthorn Berry Oil Organic 20ml

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Master plant: Hippophae rhamnoides L.
Elaeagnaceae (Oleaster family)
Oleum Hippophae rhamnoides


The Seabuckthorn is native to Europe and northern parts of Asia. As described in the eighth century Tibetan medical book ?Gyad Bzi?, Seabuckthorn contains over 190 nutritional compounds in the seeds, fruit and leaves. While each of these compounds is effective on its own, it is their synergies which make Seabuckthorn such a powerful nutraceutical.
The plant's preferred places are gravel meadows of mountain rivers and coastal dunes. Oleaster plants are also used often as ornamental shrubs.

Characteristics and subtances:

Seabuckthorn berry oil has a radiant orange-red color, smells typically fruity of seabuckthorn and is won by cold-press methodology of the berries. The seabuckthorn berry contains up to 12 mg/100 g Beta-Carotin, the oil 70 mg - compared to the carrot, which contains approx. 8 mg/100 g.
Seabuckthorn berry oil contains more than 60% in essential fatty acids in particular approx. 30% in oleic acid as well as other vitamins, carotenoids, fruit acids like malic acid and quinic acid and sugar alcohols which are included especially in the seeds of fresh, ripe fruits.


Seabuckthorn berry oil is treasured due to its high concentration of vitamines. Due to its exceptionally high carotenoid content, sea buckthorn pulp oil is a powerful coloring active oil.

It is used to make sweets and to flavor sauces, yogurts or smoothies.