Arnica Oil organic 250ml

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product description

Master plant: Arnica montana L.
Asteracea (Asteraceae)
Oleum Arnicae


Arnica montana occurs in the Alps of Central and Southern Europe as well as in the mountain ranges of Central Asia and North America. The arnica grows on acid soils, meadows and peat mosses. This powerful upright plant grows up to 60cm high, has a felty, barely branched stems and juicy-yellow flowers.

Characteristics and substances:

Ruffled by the wind, the yolk-yellow petals shine on wild mountain meadows. The name comes from the Greek 'arnion' = lamb's fur and is due to the soft hair on the base of the flower. For the yellow oil, arnica blossoms from wild collection are macerated with organic olive oil and then filtered. It is stabilized with organic rosemary extract based on organic sunflower oil. The proportion of dried flowers is 10%. Arnica oil contains a high proportion of oleic acid, as well as palmitic acid and linoleic acid. The ingredients of arnica oil are bitter substances (sesquiterpene lactones of the helenanolide type), flavonoid glycosides, essential oil (with thymol, thymol derivatives), phenolic carboxylic acids, polysaccharides, procyanidins and coumarins. Blood circulation-promoting and disinfecting properties are attributed to arnica oil. It cares for dry and chapped skin, supports wound healing and can alleviate skin reactions after an insect bite.


For cosmetic purposes.
For external use only.
Not intended for consumption!