Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder PREMIUM BIO 200g

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product description


Our protein powders are new products of our PREMIUM range.

The name PREMIUM stands for 100% Austria from sowing, cultivation, harvest, pressing to processing!

100% organic + raw

100% from Austria
All raw materials come from Austria.

Fair and long-term cooperation with organic farmers in Austria, with above-average pay.

0% CO2
Real sustainability. No additional power from the grid is required for production. Simply 0% CO2. How does it work? Quite simply - our producer has an in-house, fish-friendly hydroelectric power plant and thus produces up to 6000 kWh per day. It not only supplies its operation, but many other households with clean, nuclear-free energy.

100% vegan

Our raw pumpkin seed protein powder PREMIUM BIO contains 65% vegetable proteins. The careful 100% natural production preserves all the important nutrients of the pumpkin seeds and the incredibly good taste.

Ideal in shake, smoothie, cereals, salad, for baking bread or for doughs.