Stevia Leafs Organic 100g

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product description

Main plant: Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni
Asteraceae (Asteraceae)
INCI: Stevia rebaudiana


Stevia or sweet herb is a peppermint-like plant from the border region between Paraguay and Brazil. For centuries Stevia rebaudiana has been used by the indigenous peoples of Brazil and Paraguay as a sweetener and medicine. The Guaraní Indians call it ka'a he'ê (sweet herb) and use it to sweeten their mate tea.
Its ingredients are mainly used as a sugar substitute in Asia, often called stevioside. In the EU, they are currently not approved as food or food additive.

Properties and ingredients:

Stevia mainly consists of the diterpene glycoside stevioside. Stevia leaves have approximately 20 times the sweetening power of sugar.


Flavoring ingredient to tea blends.