Guarana Seed Extract Powder 50g

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product description

Master plant:Paullinia cupana (Kunth)



Guarana has been known to the Indians in the Amazon for centuries. Guarana is an evergreen plant growing up to 10 meters high, which is native to Brazil (Amazon region). It is a Liana species that belongs to the soap tree family. The capsule fruit turns orange red when ripe. The guarana powder is extracted from the kernels.

Characteristics and substances:

Guarana powder extract is a natural stimulant that grows naturally and is healthy when consumed normally. Our powder extract contains  natural caffeine, which is obtained exclusively from the guarana seeds. No caffeine (e.g., from coffee) is added.
The stimulating effect helps maintain physical and mental vitality and can assist the body in pursuing weight-loss measures. Carrier: maltodextrin
After only a few days you feel full of energy and zest for action. Physical and mental fatigue disappears and you gain new vitality and dynamism.


The Guarana extract powder is brown and has a bitter taste – so it is better to mix it with other foods like yoghurt.