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Master plant: Papaver somniferum L.
Oleum Papaveris


Opium poppy is native to Southern Europe and Asia Minor and is cultivated in numerous countries for the extraction of the seed, oil and opium.
Poppy oil is obtained by pressing the ripe and carefully cleaned poppy seeds.
Our PREMIUM organic poppy oil is 100% made in Austria from sowing, cultivation, harvest, pressing to processing.


Due to its interesting and aromatic taste, the poppy seed oil, which is obtained by cold pressing, is used as a high-quality edible oil.
The poppy seed oil has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids and has a positive effect on the cholesterol level.

Please note poppy seed oil is mainly suitable for cold dishes, to refine salads and cold dishes, raw vegetables, desserts and muesli.
Because of its delicate nutty taste, it is also used to refine desserts such as poppy seed noodles and poppy seed cakes.

This oil also acts as a flavour carrier, which enhances the original taste of meals.

Cold pressed and 100% from Austria, our poppy seed oil will surely be a tasty culinary addition.
Enjoy your meal!


Poppy seed oil is used as edible oil.
Do not heat it up above 170° C - Should not be used for roasting or baking