Jojoba Oil

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Master plant: Simmondsia chinensis (Link) Schneid.
Simmondsiaceae (Jojoba family)
Oleum Jojoba
INCI: Simmondsia chinensis


The Jojoba shrub is native to the infertile region of Sonora in the southwest of the USA and Northern Mexico. Unlike most other vegetable seed oils, which are triglycerides, jojoba oil is made of long-chain fatty acids and fatty alcohols with no side branching. This unique chemical configuration accords jojoba special characteristics unparalleled in the plant kingdom. It is similar to sperm whale oil and can be substituted for it in many applications.

Jojoba oil is won by extraction or cold pressure of the crushed or ground seeds. In its natural form it is one of the most precious skin care oils which nature has ever produced. Jojoba oil with its astonishing qualities is known as the "golden drops" by the native tribes of Arizona and Mexico. Since generations the native tribes use this multi-pupose, nevertheless rare and precious oil for hair care and personal hygiene.

Characteristics and subtances:

Jojoba oil is an oily, clear and yellowish liquid with mild nutty aroma which solidifies under 10°C to a solid mass. Beside high-quality biological and mineral components it contains a lot of vitamin E, provides moisture and nutrients, makes the skin soft and firm. Jojoba oil easily penetrates the skin without leaving an oily residue - it works within the skin, not on the skin.


The most important uses are in the cosmetic industry, as a high-temperature high-pressure lubricant, and as a potential low-calorie edible oil.
Jojoba oil is an excellent base oil for highly effective natural cosmetics, massage and ritual oils, armomatherapy, face and hair care.
Not intended for consumption!