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Master plant: Cannabis sativa L.
Cannabaceae (Hemp family)
Canabis Sativa Seeds oil


The hemp belongs to the oldest cultivated plants on earth. China, Russia and Rumania are known to be the countries of origin of the hemp plant. Hemp was already used in China 2.000 B.V.. Many countries prohibit nowadays the cultivation of specific species (less than 0,3% in THC) is promoted again.

Characteristics and subtances:

The valuable hemp oil is produced of the hempseeds. The oil is cold-pressed at low temperature and refined. This lightly yellow to green oil posseses a nutty flavour and a characteristic aroma. The main components of the hempseed oil are linoleic acid (53%), apha-linolenic acid (24%), oleic acid (12%), palmitic acid and stearic acid (10%) Hempseed oil contains therefore more than 80% in essential fatty acids.


Used as cooking oil.