Dragon’s blood

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product description

Sangre de Drago is the liquid tree sap of the dragon blood tree.
Significant about dragon's blood is the high content of antioxidants. With a content of approx. 90% OPC, it contains more antioxidants than the popular grape seed extract.

The oligomeric proanthocyanidins are substances that occur naturally in plants and belong to the group of flavanols. These antioxidants protect cells from free radicals and have the characteristic to support the body in stressful situations.
Dragon's blood has been valued as a medicine for centuries. It is rich in herbal active ingredients and has therefor a wide range of uses. Sangre de Drago is known as a panacea by Indigos.

Consumption recommendation:
Dissolve up to 10 drops pure or in water 1-2 times a day.