Coffee Bean Oil, roasted

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product description

Master plant: Coffea arabica L.
Rubiaceae (Madder family)
Oleum coffeae
INCI: Coffea Arabica Oil


Originally home to the mountain forests of northeastern Africa, the coffee shrub is today cultivated extensively worldwide and above all in South America. The coffee bush has evergreen leaves, 5-fold white flowers and a 2-velvety stone fruit, the so-called coffee cherry.

Characteristics and substances:

The coffee oil derived from the roasted beans has about 0.4% caffeine content (according to HPLC method). It has a dark brown color and an intense scent of freshly roasted coffee and a bitter taste.
Furthermore, the coffee bean oil has a high content of linoleic acid (45%, omega-6) and palmitic acid (34%).


The coffee bean oil can be used as a flavor additive in sweets.