Borage Oil refined

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Master plant: Borago officinalis L.
Boraginaceae (Borage family)
Oleum Boraginis
INCI: Borago officinalis


The borage is a wasteland plant which comes originally from the Mediterranean region. Nowadays borage is grown primarily in the Netherlands, France, Spain and Latin America. The borage prospers on roadsides and on fallow land. For a long time borage has been used as a medicinal plant in naturopathy.

Borage oil is won from the black seeds of the plant by cold extracion (cold-pressed borage oil) or is extracted and afterwards mildly refined (refined borage oil).

Characteristics and subtances:

Borage oil is a yellow, clear oil with typical aroma and mild taste. Borage oil is the vegetable/herbal oil with the highest amount of natural occurring gamma-linolenic acid (16 - 25%). From the gamma-linolenic acid the prostaglandin E1 further originates, which is indispensable as a metabolism activator.


The borage oil is suitable as a supplement to a healthy diet.