Cacay Oil Organic 1000ml

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product description

Master plant: Caryodendron Orinocense Karst.
Spurge family (Euphorbiaceae)
INCI: Caryodendron Orinocense Seed Oil


The cacay tree, which grows in the jungle regions of South America, bears fruits that contain nuts from which the oil is extracted.
The nuts are collected from the wild and cold-pressed to obtain the luxurious oil, which has precious ingredients and is therefore an excellent anti-aging agent for dehydrated and aged skin.

Properties and ingredients:

What makes this anti-aging oil stand out from the crowd are the extremely potent ingredients, which are carefully extracted so that they can reach their full potential.
Compared to argan oil, Cacay oil has up to double the amount of vitamin E (tocopherol), as well as an indispensable amount of linoleic acid, which has a calming effect on the skin and naturally strengthens it. Cacay oil also has a high vitamin A content, which is up to three times the amount compared to rose hip oil - a clear plus for improving your skin.


For cosmetic purposes.
For external use only - Apply to damp skin.
Not intended for consumption!