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Master plant: Persea americana MILL., P. gratissima GAERTN.F.,
Lauraceae (Laurel family)
Oleum Avocado


The Avocado tree comes from the tropical regions of Mexico and Central America. The avocado tree was already cultivated in the time before Columbus in areas of South America and Central America. Today the Avocado is grown especially in California, Florida, Israel and South Africa. From the raw avocado fruit a deep-green oil, especially eudermic (skin friendly), is won by cold press methodology and is from controlled organic agriculture.

Characteristics and subtances:

Apart from the vitamins A, B, D, E, biotin and K, the avocado oil also contains lecithin. The relatively high proportion of biotin is remarkable. Avocado oil is rich in healthy unsaturated fatty acids (over 75%).


Avocado oil is often used for refinement of food and salads.