Sesame Oil Organic DEMETER

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Master plant: Sesamum indicum L.
Pedaliaceae (Sesame family)
Oleum Sesami indici
INCI: Sesamum indicum


Sesame plants are old cultivated plants, that are native to tropical Africa and Asia. Today they are mainly grown in India and the Far East (China, Korea).

Sesame oil organic is Demeter certified.

Demeter stands for biodynamic cultivation and guarantees responsible treatment of the product at all stages of production.

Characteristics and substances:

Sesame oil is a very fatty oil with approx. 35 - 50 % content of glycerides and oleic acid. Furthermore it contains plenty of vitamin E, mineral nutrients, essential fatty acids as well as 48% of linoleic acid.


The light yellow oil with a typical sesame note is highly heatable and is especially popular in Asian cuisine, especially for cooking, deep-frying and roasting meat, fish, shrimp, vegetables and soybean products.