Ethanol 96% Organic 1000ml

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product description


Basic Material



Spirit is a monohydric alcohol. The clear, colorless liquid has the characteristic, sharp-spicy smell. Spirit of wine is hygroscopic (moisture-absorbing), highly flammable and evaporates very quickly. Our alcohol is obtained by fermenting sugar and starchy biomass through yeasts and bacteria.
Pure vegetable
Organic farming


(Extract) alcohol, solvents, preservatives
Solvents for fragrances, herbal tinctures, foundation for hair spray, deodorant, hair tonic, facial tonic, shaving waters
Pre-dispersing agent for gelling agents

Dosage and Processing:

Preservation: 10-20% of the total water phase Hair spray up to 80% Extract from plant material

Mix with water; For preservation purposes, stir into the finished product at the end of the manufacturing process

Responsible use of alcohol is important to us. With the order, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old.

Sources: Natural Cosmetics Academy, Manufacturers Datasheet