The days are short, the sun's rays are weak and snow drifts across the country. For this season, nature offers us a colorful assortment of ripe fruits.
Use this fruit assortment in the form of valuable and rich fruit oils. These serve to prepare our body for the winter and strengthen our immune system for the cold season.

Fruit oils of valuable kind
The most suitable are the fruit oils from sea buckthorn, elderberry, raspberry and black currant (currant)
All of these oils are particularly rich in essential unsaturated fatty acids (omega-3, 6 & 9) and in vitamins.
Not only their ingredients make these natural oils so valuable, but also their unique taste and special aroma make them excellent tasting dipping and salad oils.

Vegetable Vitamin D
Do not let your vitamin D store empty completely in the coming winter months! Supplement the weak sun rays with the pure vegetable and vegan vitamin D from BIOBENE.

Give good things for your loved ones or for yourself!

For example, with the vertebene® intensive program - a special wellness program for a troubled back.

You can find more of our fatty oils in the online catalog.

We are Demeter member! We offer Demeter certified oils.

All of our essential and fatty oils are ANIMAL TEST FREE and VEGAN.
Essential oils as well as vegetable oils are pure NATURAL PRODUCTS and are derived from plant parts (e.g., flowers, seeds, leaves, peelings).
It contains no animal ingredients.
Furthermore, our vegetable oils are certified by the British Vegan Society.

We are expanding our product range!

We now offer you a small but fine selection of emulsifiers, consistency carriers and preservatives for your natural cosmetics. These can be found in the Cosmetic Auxiliaries category.
The basic formulations were developed and tested by Ms. Sager-Gingel. Interest in beauty classes? In the Sager Gingel Academy for natural cosmetics is certainly something suitable here!







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Biologically pure

Guaranteed organic products at NP&D

Many of our products are organic
purely generated. Each of these products
is subject to production until
Sales of the "Austria Bio Garantie".

The test mark identifies all
these products and guarantees their purity.

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