The days are getting shorter and the sun's rays are getting weaker. It's time to prepare your body for the cold season. Especially in the autumn, detoxification and detoxification cures are helpful. They strengthen the immune system which is increasingly strained by environmental pollution in this season.

What is the Oil Pulling Treatment?

The oil-drawing cure is an oil cure, which is also called oil pulling. It is a very simple but very effective detoxification cure for the organism and is based on the following three oils. Sunflower oil is used as starting oil because it removes bacteria and pathogens from the blood. Next comes thistle oil or safflower oil, because it brings harmful residues and microorganisms from the lymphatic system. Lastly, peanut oil is then used because it is intended to reduce the sparingly soluble pollutants in muscles, joints and tissues. These natural oils come from organic farming, they give your body the power of nature that he just needs for this season.

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We now offer you a small but fine selection of emulsifiers, consistency carriers and preservatives for your natural cosmetics. These can be found in the Cosmetic Auxiliaries category. The basic formulations were developed and tested by Ms. Sager-Gingel.
These and other valuable cosmetics tips will be published online soon. Interest in beauty classes? In the Sager Gingel Academy for natural cosmetics is certainly something suitable here! We are Demeter member! We offer Demeter certified oils.



Vegetable Vitamin D

Do not let your vitamin D store empty completely in the coming winter months! supplement
The weak sunshine with the pure vegetable and vegan vitamin D from BIOBENE.

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For example, with the vertebene® intensive program - a special wellness program for a troubled back.



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