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product description

Master plant: Rosa canina L.
Rosaceae (Rose Family)


The probable home of wild rose (rosehip) is Chile and southeastern Europe. Today, the rosehip shrubs, which grow up to 4 m high, are cultivated throughout Europe as well as in the temperate zones of South America. Rosehips are the fruit bunches of roses that emerge from the flowers. The wild fruits (rose hips) come from the shrubs of the common dog rose (Rosa canina) and the Kamchatka (Rosa rugosa).

The depilated and pitted pulp is gently dried at temperatures of up to 40 degrees so that the valuable ingredients are preserved. The rose hip powder is made from it.

Properties and ingredients:

In addition to minerals, trace elements, pectins, fruit acids and tannins, rosehip contains many vitamins, most notably vitamin C, whose content is 20 times higher than the vitamin C content of a lemon. The most important ingredient, however, is the active ingredient glactolipid.

Nutritional information per 100g

Calorific value: 224 kcal / 920 kJ
Fat: 1.6g
Carbohydrates: 49g
of which sugar: 18g
Fiber: 63g
Vitamin C: 400mg
Protein: 3g
Salt: <0.1g


Rosehip powder must be used regularly over a longer period of time, so that an effect can be achieved. 5-10 g should be taken daily with meals dissolved in a cold liquid. Alternatively, it can also be stirred into a smoothie, muesli or yoghurt.