Amaranth Extract

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product description

Master plant: Amaranthus spp
Amaranthaceae (Foxtail Family)


Amaranth or foxtail belongs to the foxtail family and is therefore one of the oldest cultivated plants. This ancient cultivated plant originally comes from southwestern North America or from Central America and was introduced into Europe in the 16th century. The amaranth is one of the pseudograins because the seeds can be used in a similar way to cereals, even if the species does not belong to the sweet grasses like the real cereals. The Aztecs used amaranth as a type of grain as a valuable food, natural remedy and coloring agent.

Properties and ingredients:

Amaranth extract is one of the few plant sources that contains squalene. The Oxystorm® Amaranth extract contains particularly high levels of nitrate (9-10%) and potassium (8-14%). These two substances increase blood flow and optimize the supply of oxygen.
Other ingredients, amino acids (proteins), polyphenols and fiber. Does not contain sugar or oxalates. It has a high bioavailability and is a natural free radical scavenger.

A new clinical study * confirmed that nitrate from amaranth leads to a significant increase in plasma nitrite and thus to an increase in nitrogen oxide. The physiological effects associated with such an increase in nitric oxide include, among other things, a reduction in blood pressure at rest, better blood circulation and improved exercise tolerance, as well as an increase in performance during exercise or other physical activity.
Nitrates and nitrites relax all types of smooth muscle cells. These compounds support the metabolism of energy in human cells, which helps prevent you from getting tired easily during exercise.
* Eur J Appl Physiol. 2016 Dec; 116 (11-12): 2267-2279. Epub 2016 Sep 30.
Differential vascular reactivity responses acutely following ingestion of a nitrate rich red spinach extract.
Haun CT, Kephart WC, Holland AM, Mobley CB, McCloskey AE, Shake JJ, Pascoe DD, Roberts MD, Martin JS.


Since the powder is very soluble, it can be easily stirred into shakes or smoothies. When exercising, it is best to take half an hour beforehand.