Peach Seed Oil refined 250ml

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product description

Master plant: Prunus persica
Rosaceae (Rose family)
Oleum Persicarum
INCI: Prunus persica kernel oil


Originaly the peach tree comes from China. The peach kernel oil is similar in composition and effect with the almond and apricot oil. It has a high proportion of oleic acid and a high vitamin E content.

The peach kernel oil is made by cold pressing the cores and refining.

Characteristics and substances:

The cold-pressed oil consists of 65% oleic acid, 5% linoleic acid, 8% saturated fatty acids and fatty substances up to max. 1.5% .Peach kernel oil is pale yellow to dark yellow. It has an arty smell and taste.


In the kitchen, apricot kernel oil is used for desserts.