Mango butter - Refined

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Master plant: Mangifera indica L.
Sumac family (Anacardiaceae)
Oleum Mangiferae
INCI: Magnifera Indica Seed Oil


Mango trees are among the oldest cultural trees of tropical and subtropical countries. Main producing areas are India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The mango butter is prepared by extraction and subsequent refining derived from the seeds.

Characteristics and subtances:

The refined mango butter has a pale yellow color, a mild odour and taste and is rich in carotene, the precursor of vitamin A (retinol). Mango butter consists mainly of stearic and oleic acid (ca. 75-85%).
Mango butter also has regenerative, healing and moisturizing properties and is used as a base in cosmetics for creams. The skin feels smooth and velvety.


Due to its skin care and moisturizing properties, mango butter is used as a paraffine replacement with dry skin and hair in cosmetics, baby and body lotions as well as hair care product and natural soaps.
Not intended for consumption!