Hazelnut Oil

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Master plant: Corylus avellana L.
Betulaceae (Birch family)
Oleum Coryli avellanae


The hazelnut shrub is the only real nut plant which comes originally from Europe. The shrubs, which can reach a height of 7 metres, occupied a large part of Europe after the ice age as pioneer plants. Main cultivation countries nowadays are Turkey, Italy, Spain, France and the USA. The hazelnut oil is cold-pressed from the nuts and afterwards carefully refined.

Characteristics and subtances:

Hazelnut oil is yellow to yellowish-brown and has a nut-like smell and taste. Besides fatty acids it also contains approx. 14% of protein, 9% of carbohydrates, 7% of dietary fibres, 5% of water and 2.5% of mineral nutrients.


Hazelnut oil is a popular edible oil. Gives salads and marinades a nutty taste.

Also available as organic oil.