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product description

Master plant: Crambe hispanica L. ssp. abyssinica
Meerkohl (Crambe)
Crucifer (Brassicaceae)
INCI: Crambe abyssinica seed oil


The crambe is an annual, multi-branched, herbaceous plant. The height is from 60 to over 150 centimeters. The small flowers, a few millimeters in size, are white and form loose flower clusters. The gray-green to yellowish-brown colored seeds have a diameter of 1.5 - 3 millimeters. The plant, also known as Abyssinia, is native to the Ethiopian highlands. Other growing areas can be found in North America.

Characteristics and subtances:

Crambe oil is non-edible seed oil that is obtained from the seeds of the Crambe abyssinica. The seeds, both wild and cultivated, have an average oil content of around 40 to 50 percent of the dry weight. Above all, it is erucic acid, which makes up 55 to 62 percent of the oil in the plant - this is the highest erucic acid content of all known vegetable oils, similar to broccoli seed oil. It also contains oleic acid with 15 to 18, linoleic acid with 8 to 10 and linolenic acid with 6 to 7 percent.


Crambe seed oil is used in cosmetics, primarily in hair care, and is a valuable alternative to silicone oils.