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Master plant: Calophyllum inophyllum L.
Clusiaceae (Mangosteen family)
Oleum Calophylli
INCI: Callophyllum inophyllum


The native region of the Calophyllum or Tamanu tree is in the Pacific region (Polynesia). Today the Tamanu tree is also found in Africa and Asia (India, Vietnam).

Characteristics and substances:

The organic calophyllum oil is a non-refined, cold-pressed greenish yellow oil. It possesses an intensive aroma like celery or lovage and a typical slight nutty taste. All tamanu nuts are from controlled organic agriculture. The amount of oil contained in the dried tamanu nut is approx. 40% and is especially rich in oleic and linoleic acid (50% to 75%). Furthermore the calophyllum seed contains cumarine, Inophylloid und Calophylloid (natural Neo-Flavonoids with antibacterial and antiviral effects) as well as vitamin E.


The Calophyllumöl is used in India as a massage oil and for the production of ointments and soaps. (Salunkhe et al., 2003).
In the Pacific, Tamanu oil is also used against insect bites, acne, sunburn and lice.