Milkthistle Oil Organic 100ml

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product description

Master plant: Silybum marianum L.
Asteraceae (Aster family)


The milk thistle comes from the warm countries around the Mediterranean and Asia Minor, but in sunny and nutrient-rich places it also thrives here.
For the milk thistle oil, the mature oil-bearing seeds are pressed from controlled organic cultivation and fractionated into presscake.

Characteristics and subtances:

Milk thistle oil has more than 85% of unsaturated fatty acids, with linoleic acid (omega-6) accounting for more than 50%.
In milk thistle oil itself, only a small amount of silymarin is present.

Silymarin can be extracted from the seeds of the milk thistle.
Silymarin is a complex of four different flavonolignans; it catches free radicals that become free in liver detoxification.


Milk thistle oil has a mild taste and is good for refining ready meals and for salads.
Store in a cool and dark area.