Burdock Root Oil Organic 100ml

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product description

Master plant: Arctium lappa L.
Synonym: Arctium majus Bernh.


The Arctium lappa, as its Latin name is, occurs in Europe and Western Asia and grows on meadows, fields, along roadsides and in forests. A hallmark is the pedunculated leaves in heart shape, which are getting smaller and smaller and grow on several branched branches. The burdock grows about a meter high. The spiky flowers bloom between July and September and are red to purple. They have a diameter of about 3 mm. The root is long, spindle-shaped and greyish brown with a white core. The best time to harvest is between September and October.

Characteristics and substances:

The organic burdock root oil is made from the burdock roots.
The extraction oil used is GMO-free cold-pressed organic soybean oil. It has a golden yellow color. The burdock root contains many valuable ingredients such as sesquiterpenes called Lappaphene. The burdock root oil also contains arctinol, beta-sitosterone and polyphenols.


The burdock root oil is used in cosmetics, especially in hair care.