Brazil Nut Oil Organic500 ml

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product description

Master plant:Bertholletia excelsa BONPL.
Lecythidaceae (Brazil-nut family)


The Brazilnut tree is native to Southamerica, however, the tree is cultivated in many tropical regions of the world Brazilnut oil is produced by cold-pressing the kernels.

Characteristics and substances:

Colourless to pale yellow oil with high fatty acid profile which easily penetrates into the skin and gives it a silky shiny texture and smoothness.
The main ingredients of the Brazil nut oil are linoleic acid (40%), oleic acid (33%) and palmitic acid (14%). Brazil nut oil has a high proportion of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.


Due to moisturizing properties it is well suited for dry skin. Used to make soaps, hair care products and creams.