Calendula Oil

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Master plant: Calendula officinalis L.
Asteraceae (Aster family)
Oleum Calendulae
INCI: Calendula officinalis


The Calendula also called Pot marigold is a native of Southern Europe and has been known as ornamental and medicinal plant since the 12th century.

Characteristics and substances:

For the Calendula oil only the petals of the marigold plant are used. The flowers of the calendula contain essential oil, carotenoids, vegetable acids and saponins. The extraction oil (macerate) is high-quality soya oil GMO free. The oil is stabilized with 1500 mg/kg vitamin E.


The components of the calendula have a beneficial effect on the skin Calendula oil has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. The arnica oil is an excellent processing component for use in ointments, creams and lotions.
Not intended for consumption!