Arnica Oil 50ml

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product description

Master plant: Arnica montana L.
Asteracea (Asteraceae)
Oleum Arnicae


Arnica montana occurs in the Alps of Central and Southern Europe as well as in the mountain ranges of Central Asia and North America. The arnica grows on acid soils, meadows and peat mosses. This powerful upright plant grows up to 60cm high, has a felty, barely branched stems and juicy-yellow flowers.

Characteristics and substances:

The arnica oil is extracted from the dried petals of Arnica montana by gentle extraction. The extraction oils used are cold-pressed olive oil or non-gene manipulated (NGM) soybean oil. This still on a manual basis obtained high-quality arnica oil has a high concentration of 5% flower constituents. The effective ingredients of arnica oil are essential oils, polyynes, flavone heterosides and bitter substances.


For cosmetic purposes.
For external use only.
Not intended for consumption!