Silver Guard cloth

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product description

Works against bacteria and viruses.
- coli bacteria
- pneumococci
- Staphylococci
- Salmonella
- Noroviruses
- Rotaviruses
- Influenza A

13 x 25 cm

Inner coating: 100% nylon, which has been specially combined with 99% silver.
Outer surface: 100% micro fiber polyester

How can something so simple eliminate dangerous bacteria?
Silver has long been shown to be a natural, antimicrobial substance against bacteria, fungi, mold and other microbes. The safe and natural properties were used for wound care (especially for burns), water treatment, bone replacement, for heart operations, for stents, catheters and surgical devices.
Silver has many other natural properties such as odor and temperature regulation.

How does silver destroy microbes?
Silver works against unicellular microbes by destroying the enzymes that allow the microbes to take up oxygen. This interference destroys the microbe's cell membrane before it can mutate or reproduce.

Is this property of silver new?
No. Silver has a long history in human antibiotic healthcare. Silver was used as an antimicrobial in ancient Greece around 300 BC. The hippocrats, who are considered to be the founding fathers of medicine, wrote about silver and its useful properties to fight healing and disease. The Phoenicians used silver to store water, wine and vinegar in them to keep them fresh.

Are there any chemicals in it?
No. This phenomenon of silver is absolutely natural and free of added chemicals.

Can the Silver Guard cloth be used wet or dry?
You can use the product wet and dry. It works best when it is damp, and the moisture in your hands is sufficient. If you use it on kitchen utensils, glass or hard surfaces, we recommend that you moisten the Silver Guard cloth with water to release the silver ions in these dry areas of application.

Do I get dry hands from using the Silver Guards cloth?
No, the Silver Guard wipe does not contain any substances that dry out the skin.

Is the Silver Guard wipe dangerous for babies?
The Silver Guard cloth contains no alcohol, no chemicals and no toxic substances.

How do I know that my Silver Guard wipe is still working?
The fiber was made using a special process that involves permanent silver being bound to the fiber. As long as the fiber is intact, the Silver Guard cloth works. In addition, the effect is guaranteed for 100 washes.

Is it unhealthy to share my Silver Guard scarf with someone?
No, the silver in the Silver Guard cloth constantly destroys bacteria, so it cleans itself.

Can I wrap my Silver Guard cloth wet?
Yes, you can put it wet in the storage bag, because the silver works constantly, it also cannot rot, mold or start to stink.

Why does the color of the Silver Guard cloth change?
Discoloration and color changes are not manufacturing inaccuracies, but a normal characteristic of this unique product.

How do I care for my Silver Guard cloth?
Simply in cold water.

Do I have to wash my Silver Guard cloth often?
No, only if it is very dirty. Since the silver constantly destroys bacteria, it is not necessary to wash the Silver Guard cloth often. Washable at 30 degrees, without detergent or bleach, not suitable for tumble drying.

Can I iron my Silver Guard cloth?
Yes, if you want to remove the wrinkles after use, you can iron it at a low temperature.