Maize Germ Oil refined

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Master plant: Zea Mays
Graminaceae (Sweetgrass)
Zea Mays Oil


Originally, this cultivated plant comes from the mexican highlands of Tehuacan. In the middle of the 17th century the plant has been brought to Europe. The oil is obtained as a by-product from the processing of maize to starch. The oil is obtained by swelling of the fruit, coarse grinding, watering, separation and washing of the germs, dewatering and drying, followed by pressing or extracting and subsequent refining.

Characteristics and subtances:

The light yellow to golden yellow refined oil consists of 85% unsaturated fatty acids. The value of linoleic acid should be emphasized. (53%). Also included are oleic acid (30%), palmitic acid (11%), stearic acid (19%), linolenic acid (1%).


Corn seed oil is a high-quality cooking oil, it is suitable for the preparation of salads and marinades, has a high firing point and is ideal for roasting and frying.