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Master plant: Cannabis sativa var. Indica L.
Cannabaceae (Cannabis family)
Oleum cannabis


This unroasted hemp oil is 100% from Carinthia from sowing, cultivation, harvest, pressing to processing!

Characteristics and subtances:

From the hemp seeds, the valuable hemp oil is produced. The hemp oil is obtained by cold pressing and subsequent filtration. This dark yellow to dark green oil has a malty taste and a slightly nutty odor. The main ingredients of hemp oil include linoleic acid (up to 53%), alpha-linolenic acid (up to 24.3%), oleic acid (up to 12.6%), palmitic acid and stearic acid (up to 10.4%). Hemp oil thus has a content of more than 80% of essential fatty acids.


Due to its fatty acid spectrum, hemp oil belongs to the top group of the best vegetable oils. Since the smoke point is 165 ° C, it should not be used for frying or frying. The hemp oil is excellent for steaming and steaming. Ideal application due to the nutty taste for the preparation of salads, dressings sauces, marinades and spreads.