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product description


Basic material:

Olive oil


Light yellow wax flakes, solid at 20 ° C
Melting point: 65 to 75 ° C
HLB 4 to 5
Purely vegetable


Emulsifier (W / O emulsions)
Co-emulsifier (W / O and O / W emulsions)
Dispersing agent for powdery substances (pigments)


5 to 7.5% as sole emulsifier in W / O emulsions
2 to 3% as W / O co-emulsifier, in connection with lanolin anh.
1 to 2% as O / W co-emulsifier
1 to 10% as a dispersion aid in emulsions


The emulsifier is melted with the fat phase. The processing as W / O emulsifier deviates from the usual process. The exact compliance is important for the success of a W / O emulsion with Olivem 900!

Heat fat phase and water phase separately to a temperature of approx. 70 ° C and keep the temperature (water bath) Add the water phase in very small portions into the fat phase and mix well with slow stirring (small whisk, spatula). Any added portion of water must be well dispersed before the next one is added. Therefore, it is important to keep the two phases in the water bath to temperature. When all the water has been incorporated, remove the emulsion from the water bath and stir slowly.

Sources: Natural Cosmetics Academy, manufacturer data sheet