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INCI: Moroccan lava clay


Lava earth Ghassoul is a Moroccan soil from the Atlas Mountains. The name "lava" is based on the Latin verb lavare, which means "to wash", as is the Arabic word "ghassoul".


Lava earth has a high proportion of silica, along with magnesium, iron and calcium. Furthermore, their high content of montmorillonite results in an exceptionally strong sorption capacity and very good cleaning properties.


When mixed with water, it forms a fine, gentle, but intensive cleansing gel. Lava earth can be used as a surfactant replacement. It is often used in cosmetics for hair and body cleansing, as a face peeling or as an additive in cleansing creams for oily, blemished skin.

Tip for your hair treatment:
Half a teaspoon of organic argan oil or organic macadamia nut oil gives your finished hair treatment recipe the finishing touch and cares for dry and brittle hair and leaves a beautiful, healthy shine.