Alumina RED

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INCI: Illite (Red clay)


This red clay is mined in France and is a purely mineral, natural earth.


Yellow and red clay are very similar in composition and effect. They owe their color to a different amount of iron oxides. Red clay naturally contains copper, selenium, magnesium, zinc and manganese, which help the skin with its nutrient supply and care.


Red clay has antibacterial and cleansing properties. It is therefore perfect for mature, dry, tired and stressed skin as well as skin that is severely affected by acne. In cosmetics, it is often used in face masks, peelings, creams and hair treatments, as well as for tinting emulsions or as a coloring additive in powders and soaps.

Tip for your hair treatment:
Half a teaspoon of organic argan oil or organic macadamia nut oil gives your finished hair treatment recipe the finishing touch and cares for dry and brittle hair and leaves a beautiful, healthy shine.