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product description

Master plant: Azadirachta indica (A.Juss.) Synonym: Melia azadirachta (L.)
Family: Meliaceae
Sanskrit: Nimba
English: Mahogany plant


In classical Ayurveda texts the neem tree is called the "divine tree". It grows mainly in India and Burma (Myanmar). This evergreen tree can grow up to 15-20 meters high. Particularly emphasized have to be the Vata-balancing properties. These make Neem so valuable and universally applicable in times of stress. Many extracts of the tree have traditionally been a part of numerous Ayurveda treatments for a long time.

Characteristics and substances:

The importance of the fruits, seeds, leaves and roots of the neem tree have already been mentioned by the early Sanskrit writing. Neem capsules can be taken for skin problems.


2 capsules approx contain:
500mg Azadirachta indica concentrate.

Free of additives such as yeast, sugar, gluten, coloring and flavorings.
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


2 capsules a day for the dietary supplement. Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance.